Fluenty Smart Reply API

The Fluenty app is based on our Smart Reply API, which our partners can use to add Smart Reply to their own apps.

The Fluenty Smart Reply AI Engine

For our app, we’ve trained Fluenty on 700 million public conversations from the web. You can use the engine as is, or work with us to train it using your own data sources, like customer service emails and chat logs.

Smart Reply

Recommend a list of relevant, one-touch replies that sound like they were written by real humans, based on the context of a conversation.

Deep Link

Automatically send links to relevant information from the web or other sources, such as maps, product manuals and how-to videos.

Smart Car Integration

Distracted driving is a rising cause of auto accidents. The latest NTHSA guidelines recommend that drivers limit the time they take their eyes off the road to 2 seconds at a time. That’s much less time than it takes to write a text message. Integrating Fluenty into a car’s telematics system means that drivers can select replies to their messages just as quickly and easily as they would select a destination on GPS.

Assistive Communication

For people whose disabilities keep them from speaking or typing, communicating is burdensome, even with the latest assistive communication devices. Average typing speed is just one character every two seconds. That means typing the previous sentence would take two minutes. Fluenty recommends relevant replies based on the context of a conversation and could speed up assisted communication by an order of magnitude.

Get in Touch to Discuss API Partnerships

If your company is interested in integrating Fluenty into your app or service,
please get in touch with us by email us at admin@fluenty.co