AI, Meet Artificial Wit

Fluenty is using AI to change the way you communicate.

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AI Convenience

Fluenty is not another messenger. It works with the messengers you already have to give you perfectly clever one-touch replies to any message on almost any messenger. Better than any keyboard, right?


AI Beyond Messaging

Changing the way People Communicate with AI

At Fluenty, we are using machine learning to change the way people communicate. Our initial focus is on helping people use messaging apps more efficiently, but the applications for our artificial intelligence technology go far beyond smartphones. Just imagine…

VR & Assistive Communication

Imagine pairing Fluenty with eye-tracking technology in virtual reality or assistive communication devices. You could send totally natural sounding replies by just looking at the right response. No speaking or typing required.

Smart Car Integration

Imagine if Fluenty were integrated into smart car telematics, making it safe to reply on the road by selecting a reply just like you would select a destination on your GPS. Fluenty’s deep linking could automatically bring up a map to a destination a friend mentions.

Customer Support Automation

Imagine if Fluenty could help customer support professionals focus on the tough cases, taking care of routine questions with a single click. That would mean each employee could help more people in a shorter amount of time.

Smart Home

Imagine how rich voice-activated smart home technology would be with Fluenty’s deep linking technology. Mention a music video and it plays on your TV. Mention a location and the map is sent to your phone. Want to order dinner? Fluenty finds the website.

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The Fluenty Team

We are a group of experts in machine learning, natural language processing, and computational linguistics
creating artificial intelligence solutions in Asia’s cultural capital, Korea.

Kanghak Kim

Kanghak Kim

CEO, Co-founder

M.S. at KAIST / Previously worked as a data scientist at Daum and Pikicast / Former CEO of Shoenall

Jeonghoon Son

Jeonghoon Son

CTO, Co-founder

M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University / Previously worked at Naver and Daum as a data scientist

Juwan Lee

Juwan Lee

Machine Learning Engineer, Co-founder

M.S. in Electrical Engineering from KAIST / Previously worked at LG Electronics as a machine learning engineer

Hyungkeun Koo

Hyungkeun Koo

Machine Learning Engineer

M.S. in CS from University of Pennsylvania / Previously worked at KT, Kia Motors as a data scientist

 Dajeong Lee

Dajeong Lee

Web Developer

B.S. in Economics from Sungkyunkwan University

Youmi Go

Youmi Go


B.B.A. at Ajou University

Sungjae Hwang

Sungjae Hwang

CPO, Co-founder

Ph.D. from KAIST / CCO, Co-Founder at FuturePlay / 400+ UX patents (20+ transferred to global companies)

Seoyoung Son

Seoyoung Son

Lead Product Manager

M.S. at KAIST / Previously worked at Daehong Communications

HyeonJeong Kim

HyeonJeong Kim

Product Manager

B.B.A. at Chung-ang University

Technology Patents

At Fluenty we’re focused on the future, and that means protecting what we create.
We have 11 patents in the US and Korea covering

Conversation and Q&A Automation / Reply Suggestion

Adaptive Input Interface based on Natural Language Text

Natural Language Understanding and Deep Linking